See Your Air Quality 24/7

Our Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring program lets you see your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, iPad or laptop.

Get instant alerts should there be a problem with your air quality at home, in your office or even on the go like in your hotel room.

This includes access to one of our indoor air quality specialists who can then help you resolve any air quality issues that may be happening.  

See your air quality and react before it affects your health.

We are with you

Our Verify Air Quality Consultants are part of the Monitoring Service

Unsure what the air quality info means?  Not sure what to do with an alert indicating poor air quality?  NO PROBLEM!  We are here to help.

Every Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring program includes 24/7 access to your data from any smartphone, iPad or lap top anywhere in the world.  It also includes chatting with one of our indoor air quality experts so we can help you interpret the information and provide easy to understand recommendations to help you fix any air quality issue that may be happening.

We will assist you in understanding the data and help you make the needed fix to address the air quality alert.  In cases where we can't help you over the phone or through email, we can dispatch one of our technicians to deal with your air quality issues (there may be an extra fee if we need to physically come out to your location).

See your air quality...react before it affects your health!  That's a healthy smart home!


What Does it Test?



Get instant alerts if the temperature drops or the temperature is not at the right setting.  Aside from comfort, this can prevent condensation and mould growth.

Relative Humidity

Should the humidity be too low, you could get sinus infections.  If the humidity is too high you can grow mould.


CO2 readings can tell you if you are getting enough fresh air or proper ventilation.  High CO2 can lead to headaches, insomnia, irritability as well as difficulty concentrating.  It also leads to odours.

Airborne Dust

Should there be a dust issue even airborne particulate like mould spores, you can see it and turn on your air filtration devices to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction.

Chemicals (VOC's and formaldehyde)

Bought something new?  The formaldehyde and VOC sensor will let you know if you have increases in airborne chemical activity.

Access to our Air Quality Consultants

All continuous air quality monitoring programs include chatting with one of our air quality specialists to interpret and help you solve any alerts or air quality issues that the Airthinx product senses.  This makes seeing your air quality...beneficial.

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We can show you how you can keep your family safe at home, your employee safe at work and how you can protect yourself while you are on the go.

Where Can I Use It?

At Home

See your air quality before you come home, while your working from home, or while you have people over.  You can open a window, increase your HRV, start your air purifiers or diagnose air quality problems before they affect your health.

At Work

Keep your employees happy and productive with good air quality.  Nothing affects productivity and employee satisfaction more than bad air quality.

Hotels / Meetings

Figure out bad air quality before it causes an allergic reactions or affected your health.

See Your Air Quality

Lap Top



Lap Top Air Quality

Look at past and present data to figure out your air quality 




Air Quality App

Simply launch the app on your phone and see what's happening at home or work.