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Free Living Wall

Customize with Holiday Plants


The Bionic Living Wall GO is easy to mount and can be easily customized with any indoor plants.  

Plants clean the air by absorbing CO2 and VOC's and creating oxygen.

Simple Care


The Bionic Living Wall GO is simple to care for.

It tells you when to water it (about every 10-14 days) and waters all plants at once.

Slim and Discreet


The Bionic Living Wall GO can be hung easily hung anywhere in the home. 

It comes with everything needed and can be hung in less than a few minutes.

State Of The Art Filtration

Electronic Furnace Filtration


The Bionic Furnace Filter uses electronic agglomeration technology to properly filter out airborne pollutants without any sound or ozone.

Just quiet, clean air.

Fits most 1" and 5"


The Bionic Furnace Filter comes in various sizes and fits most 1 inch and 5 inch furnace filter slots.

The Bionic Furnace Filter does not restrict air flow as much as high quality pleated filters, so your furnace doesn't need to run as long to heat or cool the home.  This can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating/cooling costs.  Good for the environment!

Better filtration than pleated


The Bionic Furnace Filter reduces particles much more efficiently compared to standard high quality pleated furnace filters.

  • Reduces fine dust by 75%
  • Reduces VOC's by 46%
  • Reduces mold and allergens 99%

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Get 1 year's worth of replacement filters FREE

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Black Friday Deal valid from today until Tuesday Dec 3, 2019