Useful Tips For Self Isolation and Protecting Family

As the GTA deals with this pandemic, it is important not to panic and to listen to the Federal, Provincial and Local Health Departments.  We will all get through this.

If you are self isolating, or have been in contact with someone that may have COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are recovering at home...the following information may be helpful.

COVID-19 Tips

Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection


Clean and disinfect your home with a bleach type solution or Lysol type brand designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Natural cleaners may not work during the pandemic and can be resumed after the virus has been eliminated.

Spray solution on the following surfaces and let sit for a few minutes.  Spray again then wipe.  Fold cloth in half, then in half again providing you with 8 sides to clean with.  Only clean 1 square foot with 1 side, then fold over, discard when all 8 sides have been used.

Prevent Cross Contamination!

Clean The Following Daily:

  • All door handles
  • All light switches
  • All counters and surfaces touched by hands
  • Toilets and sinks
  • Faucet handles
  • Tooth brushes, tooth paste bottles and all toiletries
  • Cell phone, computer, keyboards, mouse, etc.
  • TV remotes.

Air Filtration

Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection


There are a number of air filtration solutions on the market.  Unfortunately, some have unsubstantiated claims.

COVID-19 has not proven to be airborne at this time.

Should you wish to install air filtration in your home here is what we use in our own homes.


The best by far is a portable HEPA filtration system that can be located in a specific room where you or your family member are isolated from the rest of the family.  This will keep airborne allergens and particulate at ultra low levels.

Whole House:

If no one is sick or is suspected of having the virus, then a whole house filtration system is the best way to keep all rooms in the home clean.

We use the Bionic Cimatec Electronic Furnace filter system along with the Bionic Amaircare Central HEPA Filtration System.

Disinfection Verification

Cleaning and Disinfection

Disinfection Verification


Verify Air Quality Test offers Disinfection Verification Testing for residential and commercial buildings that have undergone disinfection cleaning and require Third Party Verification that the building has been disinfected properly.

We Provide Disinfection Verification For:

  • Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Buses, trains, aircraft
  • Public lounges
  • Restaurants, bars
  • Medical facilities
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Residential Homes

Home Isolation Room

Self Contained Bedroom

Whole House HEPA Filtration

Portable HEPA Filtration


If you have a family member that has the ordinary flu, is self isolating or has been tested positive with COVID-19 and is recovering at home, it is crucial to keep this person isolated from the rest of the family!

Make their bedroom a safe place to recover for them and your family.

We will install a safe zone for you to enter to bring meals and supplies, sanitize the area properly and consult with you on what is needed to keep your family and the patient safe.

Call for quote (its not as expensive as you think)

Portable HEPA Filtration

Whole House HEPA Filtration

Portable HEPA Filtration


The Amaircare Portable HEPA filtration system has been field tested with SARS in 2003.  It is one of the best portable HEPA filters on the market.  It can help filter airborne particles including dust and viruses from the breathable air.

The Bionic Amaircare 3000 portable HEPA air cleaner.

Ideal for small spaces or bedrooms.

Regular Price $839.

Special Price $699 

FREE safe delivery

Whole House HEPA Filtration

Whole House HEPA Filtration

Whole House HEPA Filtration


Protect every room in your home by filtering airborne allergens including bacteria and viruses.  Make your home a healthy home with an upgraded electronic furnace filter and the Amaircare central HEPA system used in isolation rooms with SARS in 2003.

The Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filter combined with the Bionic Amaircare Central HEPA Filtration System.

The ultimate whole home solution for airborne allergens.

Regular Price $2,898.

Special Price $2,499. 

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Should you wish to order the portable or central air filtration solutions or wish to have us assess your home...please click below and contact us.  We will be happy to help you through this difficult time.

We were in business during SARS in 2003 and can assist our clients as we did then.