Disinfection Verification

Health Canada, WHO and the CDC all agree that surface disinfection of public places is the most effective way of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government buildings, hotels, airline, retail malls and private businesses are all doing their part in increasing the hygiene regimen to clean surfaces and door handles.

The only measure that will provide peace of mind for staff and patrons to keep businesses open is PROOF that these facilities and stores are clean.

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Independent Disinfection Verification

As the pandemic continues and businesses and buildings are closed or on reduced occupancy while cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is being performed, it is crucial to obtain a Third Party Disinfection Verification (DIV).  Only DIV can certify and prove that your disinfection protocols were effective.

Your commercial tenants, visitors and consumers will return to your place of business sooner if you can prove your building is safe.

ATP Testing

ATP testing is a fast and accurate testing method to determine if a surface has been disinfected properly.  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material or bio matter.  Bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) is a living organism.  ATP testing complies with GMP and HACCP requirements and is used in the food and beverage industry to monitor for dangerous bacteria.  It has been studied and is generally accepted testing method in the workplace to reduce the spread of viruses.

Consumers Will Need To Feel Safe Again

For the Canadian and local economy to start returning to normal, consumers will need to feel safe. Disinfection Verification (DIV) is the only way to prove your establishment has been properly disinfected.

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Keep Malls Open

Peace of Mind for Hotels

Keep Business Running


Malls, recreation centres, restaurants, bars, lounges and any other public place will need to be regularly disinfected.  Consumers will not feel safe if you can't prove these areas are clean.

Keep Business Running

Peace of Mind for Hotels

Keep Business Running


Office buildings, individual offices, banks and small businesses will need to prove their place of business is clean.

Peace of Mind for Hotels

Peace of Mind for Hotels

Peace of Mind for Hotels


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We can create an affordable  and reliable Disinfection Verification (DIV) program for any size business and for any budget.  Let's work together to keep the Canadian economy going.  Contact us right now...we can help.