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Bionic HEalthy Home Makeover

Air Quality Test


The Bionic Healthy Home Makeover begins with a complete indoor air quality test to determine that status of your home.  We will check for hidden moisture, hidden mould growth, perform instrumentation for airborne dust, ventilation and gases.  

We complete the air quality test with a Healthy Home report detailing the health of your home prior to installing the Bionic Healthy Home equipment.

Bionic Air Filtration System


The Bionic Air Filtration System consists of a Bionic Furnace Air Filter which is a next generation polarized air filtration solution the reduces airborne particles, mould, bacteria, viruses and VOC's.

The second part of the complete Bionic Air Filtration system is a central HEPA filtration system designed to capture ultra fine particulate.  This complete solution significantly reduces airborne allergens, dust and particulate.

Bionic Ventilation System


The Bionic Ventilation System provides fresh air, clean outdoor air for your Healthy Home.  These systems ensure ideal ventilation as well as humidity management.

Proper ventilation reduces condensation, reduces mould issues, ventilates gases and provides an odour free home.

Bionic Water Purification


Bionic Water Purification systems provide clean water for the entire home and the ultimate pure drinking water for the entire family.

Municipal water, even after treatment, can contain chlorine, pesticides, hospital waste, asbestos, lead, bacteria and the list goes on.

Bionic Living Wall


The Bionic Living Wall provides a stunning show piece to your Healthy Home.  The living wall naturally absorbs Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals from the indoor air and produces oxygen.

It has a wonderful natural bouquet of plant scents that makes the Bionic Healthy Home feel like a spa.

Duct Cleaning


Your ducts are the lungs of your home.  The Bionic Furnace Air filter and the central HEPA filtration system will only work at optimum if your ducts are also clean.

Healthy Home Makeover Contest Details

No purchase necessary.  Must be 19 years or older to enter.  Void where not permitted.  Participants must live in the GTA (within 50 km of downtown Toronto, ON) and own their own home.  One entry per person only.  Multiple entries shall void the participant.  Participant must provide email address to enter and must subscribe to our newsletter.  Prize can not be sold, traded or assigned.  All rights reserved.  Prize has no cash value. Prizes may not be exactly as shown and may be substituted if unavailable.  Final draw is September 30, 2019.  The winner shall be contacted via email.