Lyme Disease

Do You Have Lyme?

What can make Lyme Worse?

What can make Lyme Worse?


Have you been diagnosed with Lyme Disease?  Are you in treatment?

We can help make your home environment more conducive to recovery.

What can make Lyme Worse?

What can make Lyme Worse?

What can make Lyme Worse?


If you are recovering or being treated for Lyme Disease...your home environment is crucial to your recovery!

Mould growth indoors and associated airborne mould spores as well as general poor indoor air quality can make Lyme symptoms worse.

Ensure your recovery !

What can make Lyme Worse?

Ensure your recovery !


A recovery environment free of mould growth, airborne mould spores, airborne particulate, VOC's, formaldehyde and overall good indoor air quality is crucial to your recovery.

Lyme Disease - Environmental Assessment


Indoor Air Quality

Whether you are recovering from Lyme disease or any other illness that affects your immune system, proper indoor air quality will help your body focus on recovery...instead of battling added pollutants and environmental stressors.

Proper air ventilation and fresh air flow, low airborne particulate and the an indoor environment free of VOC and formaldehyde issues is key to recovery from any illness.

We will test:  Temperature, relative humidity, gases such as CO and CO2, ventilation and fresh air, airborne dust and particulates, VOC's and formaldehyde.

Mould Growth and Airborne Mould Spores

Indoor mould growth issues lead to airborne mould spores.  Depending on the species of the mould, mycotoxin production can be a threat to your health.

We will test:  Airborne mould spores (viable and non-viable) via spore trap, mould species assessment (viable culture) via Anderson plating to determine exact species of mould.  The exact species is important in determining if mycotoxin production is possible.

Lyme Disease Indoor Environmental Assessment

Make sure your home is conducive to your recovery from Lyme Disease.  Call us today.