Bedroom and Nursery Air Quality

We spend over 90% indoors and anywhere from 6-8 hours every night in our bedrooms.  Your kids bedroom or baby's nursery needs to be a healthy place for them to grow.  We can show you how through a bedroom air quality test.

Nursery Air Quality Testing

Nursery Air Quality Test

Good Air Quality in your bedroom or nursery is of vital importance.  We spend over 8 hours each day in our bedrooms.  Baby's spend even more time in their nursery or bedroom.

Research has found that poor indoor air quality can have serious and sometimes long lasting negative health impacts on occupants.

Poor Indoor Air Quality can lead to the following:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritability
  • Problems sleeping
  • Developmental issues

Latest studies have shown a direct link between air quality and croup and bronchitis.

Babies growing up in homes where mold and miles is an issue can develop reparatory illnesses such as croup, pneumonia and bronchitis.  Source:

Mental Health and IQ

Exposure to air pollution can impact a child's vocabulary, learning and memory.  Source:

Luckily, these can all be avoided by providing your family with a Healthy Home and a Healthy Sleep Environment.  The first step is an Indoor Air Quality Test.


Make Your Nursery A Healthy Space

At Verify, we don't sell any equipment or perform any services beyond air quality testing.  We promise to provide you with a professional, comprehensive and beneficial indoor air quality test assessment and provide you with an easy to understand and easy to follow report.  Call us today and start making your home a healthy home.  Any home can be a healthy home...You just need to know where to start.