Retiring At Home

More and more people are aging in place or retiring at home.  This needs to be a healthy environment without air quality issues or hidden mould growth.  Have a mould inspection and air quality test performed and provide your loved ones with a safe and healthy retirement.

Home Care Air Quality Testing

Your loved ones belong home!

Serious illness, Transitional care and Palliative Care.

Let us help make sure it's a healthy environment.

Home Patient


Transitional Care and Palliative Care Air Quality Testing

Is your loved one suffering from a serious medical condition?  Has someone in your family undergone chemo or other medical treatment that will result in a lengthy recovery period?Coming home from the hospital can be an emotional as well as anxious time for both patient and family.  It is important that the home environment is conducive for recovery or palliative care and that includes the indoor environment.

Ensure your loved ones comfort, health and recovery by making sure there are no indoor air quality issues that could have a negative health effect.

Poor indoor air quality, poor ventilation, pollutants, airborne particulate, VOC's as well as a hidden mold or bacterial problems can lead to re-hospitalization.  Patients suffering from any form of lung disease or immunocompromising illness can have serious reactions to any one of the above air quality pollutants. mold testing air testing

Air Quality Testing

At Verify, we don't sell any equipment or perform any services beyond air quality testing.  We promise to provide you with a professional, comprehensive and beneficial indoor air quality test assessment and provide you with an easy to understand and easy to follow report.  Call us today and start making your home a healthy home.  Any home can be a healthy home...You just need to know where to start.