We Have Your Safety & Our Safety In Mind

During this pandemic we are taking every precaution to make sure that we can continue to help service our clients without spreading the virus.

As we did in 2003 with the SARS epidemic that hit Toronto, we are well positioned, equipped and trained to prevent any cross contamination or community spread of COVID-19.

WE HAVE BEEN DESIGNATED AS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE AND ARE HERE TO HELP KEEP YOU HEALTHY.  The less people get sick, the less strain on GTA clinics and hospitals!

All of our equipment, instruments, laboratory supplies and electronic equipment will arrive for your appointment completely and thoroughly disinfected.  All in home assessments will be performed in person by Mr. Frank Haverkate (the owner and senior environmental inspector) to ensure all protocols are followed.

Mr. Haverkate has not travelled in several months, and will not attend if he feels unwell.  There are 2 options for our services at this time. 

Remote and In-Home.

Both options include Mr. Haverkate thoroughly disinfecting his hands before your appointment, wearing protective gloves, protective foot coverings and a mask.

Air Quality Testing Options

Remote Sensor - No Physical Contact

Remote Sensor - No Physical Contact

Remote Sensor - No Physical Contact


Our continuous air quality monitor can upload all of your air quality data to our computer systems remotely.  

We drop off a clean and disinfected air quality monitor at your door.  We connect with you on the phone and you move the monitor through your home.  The air quality data downloads to our App.

We then consult with you on the phone and send you a detailed written report with recommendations.

This process takes about an hour and is the most economical of our air quality assessments.

Safe In-Home Assessment

Remote Sensor - No Physical Contact

Remote Sensor - No Physical Contact


In-Home air quality testing and mould inspection consulting is safely done without cross contamination or spreading any bacteria, virus or allergens including COVID-19.

All equipment is disinfected prior to attending your home.  The inspector has disposable foot coverings, disposable gloves as well as a mask.

Any surface touched by the inspector (wearing protective gear) will be sanitized after.  The inspector will keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from you during the assessment.

We Keep Your Family Safe

If you have any concerns, special needs or requests, we'd love to hear from you.