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With COVID-19 many in the GTA are working from home.  You are in your home all day and night.  Make sure it is keeping you healthy during this difficult time.


The less people get sick from allergies or even the regular flu, as well as COVID-19, the less strain on GTA clinics and hospitals!

Let's keep you and your family's easy to start today!

Air Quality Testing for Homes and Offices

At Verify Air Quality Test we take the guess work out of your indoor air quality problems.  We have been helping our dedicated clients in the GTA for over 18 years.

Not feeling well?  Strange odours?  Allergic reactions?

Why put up with poor air quality any longer?  Why suffer through indoor allergies, when you don't have to.  

Any home can be a healthy just need to know where to start.

We provide indoor air quality testing services for homes and offices in the GTA.  Verify Air Quality Test can identify your indoor air quality issues and provide easy to understand and quick resolutions to your indoor air quality issues, big or small at a reasonable price.

Air Quality Testing is the first step to a Healthy Home.  See the Verify difference.

Poor indoor air quality, poor ventilation, pollutants, airborne particulate, VOC's as well as a hidden mold or bacterial problems can lead to serious health issues.  

It's easy to have your indoor air quality assessed.

Indoor Air Quality Testing from Verify

Indoor Air Quality Testing from Verify

Air Quality Assessment Options

About Us

Frank Haverkate

Our Background

Personalized Solutions

Our Background

Mr. Frank Haverkate is the co-founder of Verify - Air Quality Testing.  He has over 20 years of experience in indoor environmental consulting and indoor air quality testing.  

He specializes in airborne contaminants and has trained in Europe and North America.  Mr. Haverkate provides certification training in mold assessment and remediation and has been called as an expert witness in numerous toxic mold cases.

Transitional Care Air Testing

Our Expertise

Personalized Solutions

Our Background

We specialize in indoor air quality testing for home owners, business owners, as well as home care or palliative care patients.  We perform detailed and comprehensive air quality assessments for particles, VOC;s, mold and bacteria so you can focus on living your life. 

We are an independent air quality consulting firm.  We do not have a conflict of interest...we do not sell products or provide any other services aside from indoor air quality testing.


Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions

We offer a variety of indoor air quality testing and mold inspection solutions.  We specialize in home care solutions for patients suffering or recovering from chemo therapy, lung cancer, COPD, lyme disease, immune diseases and all other health issues.

We also provide indoor air quality assessments for residential home as well as offices and administrative environments.

Coronavirus Tips For Your Home

See the latest information on how to protect your family and your home

Since many are working from home, your indoor air quality is now more important than ever.  

WE HAVE BEEN DESIGNATED AS AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE under the Ontario List of Essential Workplaces.  

We are here to help keep you healthy while at home.

  • Can You Control Viral spread through Good Indoor Air Quality?
  • What should your relative humidity be at to control COVID-19?
  • How do you prevent indoor allergies?



Healthy Home


Your Home Should Support Good Health

Your home should comfort you, provide safety and enjoyment.  Most importantly your home should re-energize you, uplift you and support good health.

Your home should not be a source of stress and poor health.

A healthy home is not a luxury.  A healthy home is not something that only the rich can achieve or people that build their own home.  

A healthy home is possible in any just need to know where to start.

Make your home a Healthy Home...Today

Top 10 Air Quality Issues

Here are the most common Air Quality Culprits

Here are the most common health reactions to poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Here are the most common causes of mold growth

  1. Poor Ventilation
  2. Airborne Particles
  3. Chemicals (VOC's)
  4. Mold
  5. Bacteria
  6. Temperature and Humidity variances
  7. EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields)
  8. Plumbing Leaks
  9. Foundation Leaks
  10. Vacuum Cleaners

Here are the most common causes of mold growth

Here are the most common health reactions to poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Here are the most common causes of mold growth

  1. Plumbing Leaks
  2. Foundation Leaks
  3. Sewer back up
  4. Condensation
  5. Shifting insulation
  6. Poor insulation
  7. Roof leak
  8. Flood
  9. Water heater leak
  10. Ventilation

Here are the most common health reactions to poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Here are the most common health reactions to poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Here are the most common health reactions to poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

  1. Asthma, breathing issues
  2. Coughing, sore throat
  3. Sinus issues, infection
  4. Skin irritation, infection
  5. Stomach issues, digestion
  6. Vomiting
  7. Headaches
  8. Lethargy, poor concentration
  9. Sleep disorders
  10. Diseases such as cancer

Book an Air Quality Test...Today

At Verify have been in the indoor air quality testing business for almost 20 years.  We promise to provide you with a professional, comprehensive and beneficial indoor air quality  assessment at a reasonable price.  

All air quality assessments provide you with an easy to understand and easy to follow report.  Call us today and start making your home a healthy home.  Any home can be a healthy home...You just need to know where to start.